Jamboree-on-the-Trail 2012

Today was Jamboree on the Trail.  It’s technically my first time.  Last year I was at Gilwell Field as a Troop Guide, so maybe I was on the trail?  I put JOTT on the Pack Calendar and incorporated it as part of my Cubmaster Hike.  This was the second in a six part set of hikes.  Today we went to Elk Rock Island.   Non of the people on the trail within the Pack had ever been there.   The land bridge that was supposed to be there, was under water.  We could have gone swimming, but I had no idea about the currents or what it was like.  Hence, we did not.  The adults could have walked on the  bottom of the river bed, but the water would have been up to our armpits.  Plus, it was VERY COLD.  Many of the people with us elected to wade in other areas and explore.

We did see several Osprey’s and a Bald Eagle.  As we were hiking in, we saw a lot of garbage, which we all picked up some of it on our way out.  We also went over the Cubscout Leave No Trace ideals again.  The Scouts and Parents did well.  It was shorter than I had really planned, but we did talk about the volcano & lava flows that we were on as well as the island itself.

Main thing is that we got out into an area that no one had ever heard of before and had a good time.

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