A Tiger by the Tail

  The Council that I am in, recently put on a program called Mission Possible. Simply put, it’s a Spring recruiting drive for Tigers and Wolves.  Along with getting Cub scouts to summer camp and getting the Pack to put on a Summertime Award Pack Events.  As I pointed out in the above linked post, the Pack generally does all of this.  However, we do the Fall Join Night instead.  I have wanted to do a Spring Join Night, so here is our chance.

The join Night was held this Monday at the Gym and it was a huge success.  I did not send out one flyer.  I used what our Council Scout Exec said during the Kick-off event.  He asked his son at the time, what seven friends do you want to join Cub scouts with you?  He called those parents and invited them.

I took that and got a mom who is my daughter’s Girl Scout Leader (Girl Guide from the UK) and got her son’s buddies.  I also sent an email out to the Pack asking if they knew anyone.  I got three boys that way.  Two were brothers.  The third was a friend of my Bear Den Leader.

So, I held a 60 min Den meeting for 9 of the tiniest kids you ever saw.   Got them excited about Cub scouts, Pinewood Derby and all things Tigers.

Out of that I have 6 firm applications. 4 (since one did not make it last night) are still coming.   One mom asked about her Twin 2nd graders. Yup, they can start anytime.

Two boys are brothers of Wolves.   A Wolf Dad picked up an Adult Application and will turn it in at the Pack meeting.   Another Dad said he would be the TDL.   He’s an Eagle Scout, OA, SPL, Den Chief & Marine from Olympia.

Another Mom said she would do what she can to support the Den. (She’s the one who organized everyone to come). The mom of the Twins tell her husband is interested in helping. He’s a Webelos, but does not want to be in front.   Told her, we have a committee spots.

So, for a Spring Join Night, I have 11 new Scouts, two Den Leaders and a possible Committee Member.

Oh, and what did we do at the meeting?   Played a game, built Rain gutter Regatta Boats and talked about what we do in Scouting.   Also a lot of laughing and giggling. I think I know all their names too!   I showed them a 3 min video off the iPod of what we did as a Pack the other year.   They liked the BB Guns, Archery, First Aid Pinewood Derby and Water Bottle Rockets.   I showed them all the segments & belt loops that they could earn.   Told them whatever they liked, they could get a badge/Beltloop for it.   I got pelted with how about this, that…I kept saying yes.

My only sad point was, this is going to be my last year as Cubmaster and these guys are the last ones I actively recruit as Cubmaster.   Yes, I will keep an eye out for them.

So, here is the cool part.  My new Tiger Den Leader has already taken Youth Protection and the TDL Online Training.  In email conversations with the other Den Leaders and Committee Members he’s helping the Pack at the next Pack Meeting.  This is going to be a great next year.

Now all I need is to get a couple of current Tiger Den  Parents to step-up to be the Wolf Den Leaders so my current TDL will step-up for Cubmaster.  I also need an Ast Cubmaster as well.  I do not want her to do it alone.

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