Our May Pack Meeting just totally rocked.  This is what I posted on Facebook after I got home.
“Fantastic night at Pack 221’s Physical Fitness Meeting. The new kindergartener’s rocked. We did Slackline (actually walking a tightrope) and an Obstacle Course that had the Scouts figure out which was NSEW was, recite the Promise & Law, Raise a Flag and tie a Square Knot. Also a 3 legged race and wheelbarrow race. Started off with holding a bat to your forehead and go around 5 times relay race. We did get outside for it too. Blog post coming tomorrow. Lots of fun!

The meeting was themed after  To do your Best, Help the Pack Go and Cub Scout gives Goodwill.  We had races with buddies, working with buddies and always doing their best! Along with “A Game with a Purpose!”

I started off the Pack Meeting doing the Cubscout Promise and Law by myself for two reasons.  First, I really do not know it and I needed to do it in front of the Scouts and my Committee Chair.  He’s been bugging me all year to memorize it. The second was for the Scouts to do it and learn it.  It is the basis of the Pack Meeting and building blocks of all things Scouts and things that they can use in everyday life.

Above you see the obstacle course (we ditched the flag folding due to time) which was laid out on half a basketball court. The other half was our Dizzy Bat Relay.  Outside had our other Relay games and the Slackline.  (FYI: This Slackline was NOT the same as the BSA’s version of Slackline.  It was a tightrope that the boys walked. Yes, I did voice my opinion and we did reviewed the Sweet 16 & other items.)

The Relay Games of 3-Legged Race and Wheel Barrel Race were based upon the Buddy System.  The Scouts had to work together. We had several of the kindergartener and Tigers paired up with Webelos I.  Even a kindergartener and Tiger.  Both of the Scouts showed great compassion and worked with the new Scouts.  That was Goodwill and Scout Spirit at work.

The Slackline was based on Trust and trying something new.  The Wolf Den Leaders really helped out for putting this on.  One Wolf DL is the same that had all the unicycles at one Pack Meeting.  The other is a Physician’s Assistant.  Ying and Yang!

The Obstacle Course was built around basics of Scouting.  Promise, Law, Square Knot, Compass, Flag Raising and physical Fitness.

At the end of the Pack Meeting, I brought all the Scouts back together for the wrap-up and the explanation of while you were having fun, you were learning.  I really did not say that but conveyed it to them.  I told them that I was proud of them for helping the new guys.  I told the new guys that they are awesome.  I reminded the Scouts to do their best, to give Goodwill and hangout with those who do not have friends at lunch.  Be Respectful.

Overall, this Pack Meeting can be put in rotation for next year and years to come.

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  1. Scott says:

    I have no idea how all this would happen without you. Thanks for all the work you do Adam!


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