Rose Festival 2012

Portland has the oldest Children’s Parade in the USA.  It’s 76 years old and going strong.  Pack 221 has been the Color Guard for 21 of those years.  Our tradition was started by a Den Mother who got the entire Pack out with Floats to it for several years.  We got the Lead because one Pack failed to show up.  So, it’s been up to use to show-up each year. Here is last year’s post about the Parade.  I invited her to the October Pack Meeting this year to be our special guest.  It was good to have her reconnect with the Pack.

This year, we had 15 total boys and 2 Girl Scouts march with us.  It was a great time.  We had several flag changes and the Scouts were great.  The Parade was about 45-60 minutes long for us to walk the route.  Great thing is that we are the first ones done and then get to watch it all pass by.  I told the boys as the began that I am proud of them and that at this time, the represent ALL of the Boy Scouts of America.  Everyone at the Parade yelled for us and/or stood up and held their hand over their heart for the Flag.

One historical note about this is that it was D-Day.  I changed our flag to one that was given to the Pack from a USAF Major who flew it in Afghanistan for us in 2010.  He told us to use it in special events and parades.  Well, Jesse, it was used on the 76th Annual Portland Rose Festival Parade on D-Day.

We also got on KPTV Channel 12.  Here is the video of us:

P221 Rose Festival 2012 Parade

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