First Aid @Redcross App Review

I found and downloaded the new First Aid App from the American Red Cross on Thursday.   I am a huge fan of the Red Cross.  I give blood and do Apherisis through them.    I also have my First Aid and CPR certification through their local Chapter in Portland.   This App is available on both the iPhone and Android, which is very smart.

Being in Scouts, I knew that I needed this application as one of my main ones.  It’s a great note and it’s chock full of great information.  This app will help teach you first aid, how to respond, how to find a class, donate blood, buy a kit and volunteer.

Within the app itself, there is a button at the button and even when you launch it asks if you are having an emergency.  With a list of emergencies, you can walk yourself through what you need to do.  That is great since if you’re not a professional, and you forget what to do, help is there.

Within other sections of the app, there are basic trainings that you can take.  Learning how to respond is very valuable.  Even if you get freaked out about blood, knowing how to respond is a vital key to saving lives.  Not knowing how will hamper the rescue.

One of the great things that I like about this app, is that there are tests.  Yes, they are easy.  They are meant to be passed since learning is the key focus here.   The regard system within this app that is very smart is that you can post via Facebook, Twitter or email your accomplishments.  Within the Apple version, it counts on your whole Game Profile.

While I have only had this app for a couple of days, I really like it.  The layout and how it operates is very easy to understand and use. It delivers on being a well made, planned and implemented way to educate the public.  It is now part of my Scouting section on my iPhone.

As for Scouting, I will use it to teach them basic skills in the future.  I also highly suspect that Boy Scouts can use this for the many merit badges as a good reference source.

Also, I am very glad that the American Red Cross made it for FREE. 

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