My wife and I took the kids to the Oregon Zoo on Saturday.  We had not been there for years.  It was a great place to take them when they were little and also the Grandparents when they visited.   The Zoo has updated and changed a lot since the years.  We took about 4.5 hours to see everything.  We left knowing that we could have seen more.  I kept looking at everything thinking this would be good for a Go-See-It or this would be good for….Yes, Scouting is always present.

However, the one cool thing that happened was out of my control.  As we got to the entrance and got our tickets from the Membership window a Zoo worker asked what Rank my son is.   I was scratching my head on how he knew to ask?  This young fellow asked a few more questions of my son.  It was a good chat.  He ended it by saying, keep going,” I did, I made it to Eagle.”  So, after that, he and I had a quick conversation.  Asked about Troops and where we are located.  Said thanks for the boost for Scouting.  Encouragement from a fellow who is an  Eagle to a Webelos II to keep going.

Oh, yeah, how did he know?  I forgot I was wearing a Cubscout shirt from Classb.com.  I own a lot of Scout shirts, so I try to rotate them.  (tried to find the one that I had up on classb, but could not. It is one that just says Cubscouts and has all the ranks on it.  It is not a Pack based one.)

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