Cubmaster Hike #5 Pacific Crest Trail


  Sunday, was our last Cubmaster Hike of the whole program.  I know that I will do more of them.  But for now, since Summer is basically over, so are they.  I first wrote about this in March 2012.

My goal was to get out to places that I had never been.  I wanted to take the family and the Scouts along with me.  It started in close to home and went out further from home.   First, it was Memorial Woods Park.  Then it was Jamboree on the Trail and we were at Elk Rock Park.   Third was Whistle Punk Hike.  We ventured off to Washington State! Our fourth trek was to the Portland Audubon Society.

All of these adventures are memorable.  I can say that the first two hikes we had Scouts on them.  The other three were just the family or just Elliot and I.

My goal for this trip, was to go UP HIGH!  I wanted to hike up above Timberline Lodge and look down.  However, once Elliot and I got there, I quickly realized that UP was walking UP to where I really did not want to go.  Plus, we had just gotten to 2000 feet.  Being at sea level and then being at 2000 was not really a good idea.  Both of us were out of breath.  I knew that the Pacific Crest Trail went right through here.  So, I opted for that trip instead.  It was basically flat.   Elliot and I checked in through the Lodge and looked at what was entailed for hiking.   My first thought of people who get in a bad way up on Mt Hood when trekking, should really know what they are in for.

Suffice to say, we made it back just fine.
As we got up to the trail head, I had to push Elliot into keep going.  He was pulling all his normal excuses.  I kept telling him, that we had never been here before.  That, last time we went for a hike, he found really cool stuff and had a good time.

When we got up to the sign I asked him if he wanted to go to Mexico or Canada.  He opted for Canada, since it was CLOSER!  I agreed.  We took the easy way out…;)

We ended up hiking/walking about two to two and a half miles round trip.  We went past the Timberline boundary and into the Mt Hood National Forrest.  I got us a permit, since I did not want to pay the $100 if caught without one. Cool part of the ticket was all the Leave No Trace info.  Those USDA people think of everything.

It was interesting that a lot of people did not fill one out.  Yes, it was a day hike for us. Many others were doing the same.  We did see a lot of backpackers both coming and going.  They had the tickets.

During the course of the hike,  Elliot got fascinated with Rocks, Snow and the Ravines.  I pointed out the glaciers up at the top of Mt Hood and he saw the blue and dirty areas.  He asked why some ravines had water and others did not.  He played on the snow and even ate the snow.  Hopefully it wasn’t yellow….

In the ravines at the bottom, he dug in the dirt looking if there was water.  Nope.  One it was all recently moist.  Very moist.  The last ravine, we took a break at and had a banana and a couple of chocolate bars and water.  We were up very high and could see all the way down to the other Ski Hill.  He kept throwing rocks down, which got a few more tumbling down.  Explained that part of Leave No Trace was also not starting avalanches…  He loves to explore, so I let him.  We talked about how glaciers melt and such as he explored.

With all the exploration of bone dry, moist and WET ravines, we headed back towards the Lodge.  I promised him lunch.  Which, was very good.  The Cheese Pizza apparently is VERY GOOD here.  I had a large bowl of Chili.  Coupled with a Chocolate Shake for him and a Huckleberry one for me, we had a great day.

It was a great hike, learned a lot about how water travels.  Looking back at this today, it’s amazing to see how much he likes rocks, water and how these things works.  He drove all of this.  I just had to PUSH him to go hiking.  Richard Louv, is correct.  Read his books.  His books helped me make The Cubmaster Hike a reality.  Without reading them, we would not have had this day.

And, yes, I wrote a blog about his books.


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