The Harvest

This is the 400th post on Scouteradam.  I started it back in 2009 and now over three years later it’s still going strong.  At about 38,682 views (since moving from Blogger to WordPress) later as I type this it’s been a great journey.

I am not leaving and this blog is not going to fade.  Yes, it will continue.

I have written about many subjects as it relates to my journey as a Boy Scout Volunteer.  Fresh from Wood Badge as a participant and staffer, to being a new Cubmaster and District Training Chair.  I have been opinionated, depressed about what to do and excited about what has happened and what will happen.

I have met people both in the Virtual Internet Roundtable in the Twittersphere, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ worlds and in real life because of my interactions.  I cherish and value them. Even if some of them are just dead wrong. (Mainly Linkedin)

I wanted to write a profoundly awesome post for the 400th posting.   I wanted to take what I have learned and also what I was feeling and put it down so you can understand it and that I can re-live it years from now.  So, here goes.

No matter what you do in life or what you volunteer for or how you want to be remembered,  “What you Plant now, You will Harvest Later“.  I got that from the BSA Licensing Facebook Page off a photo they posted.

It is significantly simple. In the picture is the words “Do your Best” with Always in front.  Do you Best is the Cubscout Motto.

You do not have to be a Cubscout or a Scout to Do your Best.   You just have to do it.

That sentence does a lot for me.  As a parent, I try to make sure my children understand right from wrong, the golden rule and manners.  I also try to show them the outdoors and that the world is not viewed through a TV, Monitor or an iPad.  I also try to carry myself in the same way my parents wanted me to be.  I still remember my Grandfather, Bill Trask showing and explaining how to shake hands and it’s meaning.

Whether you are in Scouting or not, these traditions, values and character traits ring true in how we would like to pass on to others.

Please take a moment or a few, and look at what you are planting.  How are you planting it and why are you.  Is it for your children, your community or something else?

Because what you Plant, will grow and you will Harvest it.  Let’s just make sure that we tend to it.  So, like any investment in a 401k or 529, make good choices.

Yours in Scouting.

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