The 4%

October 2, 2012.  A Life Scout sat waiting his turn as myself and two others talked to his Advocate, His Father and finally him.  We had reviewed all the documents and his project.

All were in order.

His journey was filled with firsts and with service to others.  A 50 miler at the age of 12 and an avid rock climber.  He is reverent and trustworthy.

His Eagle Scout project was worthy.  It wasn’t a bunch of benches or bridges, but actually giving back to a program that he was a part of for many years outside of Scouting.

He spoke of giving back even after he became an Eagle Scout.  He talked about his future career, family and that he would continue with Scouting when he was our age.

He talked about how it was hard at times, and the fun that he had.  He talked about how you get to know people while camping and that Scouting matured him.

He walked out of the room tonight an Eagle Scout. (Well, after all the paperwork comes back from National.)  Tonight is his date he became an Eagle Scout forever.

Tonight was also my first Eagle Board of Review.  I will always remember this night and this Scout.  Just like I remember all my Scouts.  Yes, even that one Scout.


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