How Scouting is supposed to work

TruenorthThis post from Shawn Cleary, a Scoutmaster in Green Bay, WI is about correcting a wrong and keeping a Scout in the program.  It is amazing to me how wrong a Troop can get a program.  It is good that there are people out there that know the Scouting Program and are able to correct it.

I am reposting through here, so you can read it and understand that there is a correct way on how to use the program to everyone’s advantage.   Scouting is not a program to put limits on a youth.  It is there to help them discover and learn.

Again, another reason Scoutnation is a wonderful thing.


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2 responses to “How Scouting is supposed to work

  1. Stories like this are what drove me to volunteer as a Unit Commissioner.


  2. Sarah

    (Sarcasm turned on) Don’t you just love it when leaders impose their own standards on badge work etc. (Sarcasm turned off)