Pinewood Derby Saved a Scout

PWD Logo.ashxThis is not a post about how cool the Pack’s Pinewood Derby race went.  That is coming later.  This is a post about making it fun for the Scouts and keeping Scouts in the program.

A little while ago, I got a note through a Den Leader that a Scout was leaving.  It seems that of all the activities, Scouting was going to lose out.  The Scout was involved in other sports and so was the family.  Hence, we got chopped.  The Scout is on the charter for 2013 and will get Boys Life and is a part of the Pack.  He can come back at anytime.

I sent a note to the parents saying that I understand and that the Pack will always be here and that he’s on the Charter for the year.  They are welcome anytime.

This morning I got copied in by the Den Leader and others from the Dad saying that his son had an awesome time at Pinewood Derby and is excited to continue.  Also, to sign them up for Blue & Gold and how much of the dues was left that they owed.  I saw the Scout at Pinewood and said my hello to him and the family.  I did not mention at all about them leaving and how sorry I was that they were.  I did not want to ruin or cast a shadow over the Pinewood Derby for them.

I know that this Scout had a great time.  He ended up taking second in the Den and second overall in the Pack.  We held a race-off of the four fastest cars.  Again, he took second.  I think that sealed the deal for him and his family.

I know that my Den Leader is a pure genius at working the program within the Den.  It’s very solid and they have a lot of fun.  Night Hikes at the school with flash lights and so much more!   It was not a lack of program.  I think that the family now knows and understands that Scouting is a Journey and is important.  While sports commands 3-5 days a week along with games being played, things that are only 2-3 times a month are still very worth it.

It’s the little things that matter.

Today, I am very happy that a Scout will continue his Journey within Scouting.  No other award, patch or knot can replace or symbolize how I feel what I feel.

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