Ticket Update 2013

prioritiesdemotivator  In looking at posts from last year, I found a post about my 2012 Goals that I created.  These are based around my Wood Badge Training.  I realized that I have not communicated an update for a very very long time.

Please read the post so you get the gist of what I was trying to carry out with these ticket items.

1)Lose Weight: Target date missed by a mile.  I really wanted to lose weight.  I am basically the same as I was then.  I went on Medifast for 90 days and really lost weight.  However, in the end, I did not meet my goal.  I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.

2) Get new Cubmaster  & Ast Cubmaster.  I got a Cubmaster and she’s off to Wood Badge 2013. (Which as of this posting the 2nd weekend is this weekend. She is an Owl!)  I did not get an ACM, but that’s ok.   The switchover was on April 6th.

3) Training Plan for Pioneer District.  I am still working on that.  This weekend actually we are holding ITOLS at the Camporee.  The District stopped doing that about 10 years ago.  The Council via a Task Force is working on getting more people Trained.  So, this is a work in process.  I am happy with the way this is going overall.   I have also teamed-up with another District to put on/host a Cubscout Den/Pack Training Day in the fall.  They did it last year and I was very happy of how it went.

4) The Bobwhite Patrol of W1-492-11 and getting their Beads!  Very happy to report that six out of seven earned their Beads.  One Bobwhite went onto staff W1-492-12 as a Troop Guide.  Very happy!

As for the other goals that were not a Ticket Item.  I have signed up as a Merit Badge Counselor for Ham Radio, Chess and Graphic Arts.  I am playing more with my Ham Radio.  Last year during a Cubmaster Hike during JOTA I brought the Radio with me and we worked a few stations.

So, two of my ticket items were met and finished.  Two are needing work.   Wood Badge  is never over.  You complete a ticket, create a new one and move on.


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2 responses to “Ticket Update 2013

  1. Deaf Scouter & Eagle Mom

    Who says ticket items have to stay WoodBadge? Why not reset another goal for ticket 1 and bring more on board for accountability? Sparkspeople is a great free site with lots of tools where you can do a Scouter Council/ District group or use Roundtable as a check in point. Doing those before and after pics are a GREAT motivator in keeping it off.


  2. Carl Yergen

    So true Adam, Woodbadge is about learning to set goals AND finish them. Just because that first ticket earns your beads doesn’t mean you stop.