BSA Swim Test

elliot-swims This past week Elliot and 19 other Scouts from the Troop went to the local swimming pool and worked on the BSA Swim Test.  All the Scouts passed the BSA Swim Test.  7 Scouts also worked off their 1st Class Swim Requirements.

It was good to note that these requirement that Elliot and others passes/demonstrated also worked for the 2nd Class Requirements.

Scouts were asked if they wanted to play victim for parts of the training.  This is after Elliot learned how to throw the rope and pull in a fellow Scout.

The BSA Swim Test is incredibly similar to the Webelos Aquanaut Activity Pin.  I wrote a post about Elliot and how he earned it as a Webelos I.
Swimming is a huge activity, one that many youth do.  It is also very important that the Youth and Adults know and understand Water Safety.  If you have not reviewed Water Safety for a while, please log into and re-take or take all the online training.    The Guide to Safe Scouting has a large Aquatics section for your review.

The great thing is that Elliot and others can use this to start the Swimming Merit Badge at Summer Camp.

The photo is of Elliot getting saved during the Troop Swim. 

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