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IMG_0248Our Council has a singular program for Training the Board Chairs for Eagle Scout Boards of Review and Sea Scouts Quartermaster Boards of Review.  I do not believe that other Councils have this type of program.   I first wrote about this training back in Sept 2012.
This program is split into two different versions.  The first is for those who want to be a Board Chair and who have not taken this class before.  The second version is a refresher or certification class.  I missed the certification class once, so I had to re-take the first time class.   You have one year certification for that class and two for the rectification class.  As of this course offering the time limit has moved to three years!  Yahoo!

The goal of both courses is to educate those who sit on the Eagle Boards of Review.  To help watch out for pitfalls and issues that could and can arise.  They go over the Guide to Advancement, Eagle Project, Eagle Application and all requirements.  Updated information is also provided as needed.

This course was taught by two gentlemen, one of who is the Council Advancement Chair.  A great wealth of information.  Several of the questions and comments that I made were validated by him, which made me feel good.  He also had just gotten back from SeaBase where National BSA conducted an Advancement Chair Training.  Our Council Advancement Chair gave this same presentation to the National Chair of the Advancement Team and he liked it a lot.

Let me say that the Council I am in does this class and it is not a requirement or offered in other Councils.  Every Council is different.  The way Council processes the Eagle Applications to get them ready for the District Advancement Chairs is different from others.  In that I mean, one person in Council reviews and checks all  Eagle Applications and Advancement.  District goes through a similar process before they hand it to Council.  Many Eyeballs! Once it gets to the Eagle Board, the Chair and two others review the Application, Project Book and all paperwork.

It is a great thing to be part of the last process of confirming that the Life Scout in front of me, is worthy of being an Eagle Scout.  There are some very exceptional Scouts out there.

Remember, it’s the Journey of the Scout that makes the difference.  I am glad that I have this training to help those within a Scout Unit along their Journey.  This training is valuable even if you never sit on an Eagle Board of Review.

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