The Journey

The adventure was just more than 80 hours with the Scouts.  This was a journey with the Scouts learning about themselves, the Adults learning about how the Program works and about to work with each other.

Just like the Totin Chit, the Scouts were for the really the first time told that it is ok to bring cellphones, but only for communications within the Troop.  There is a proper way to use a cellphone and how not to.  We used the Cellphones to ensure they were where they needed to be and to communicate any changes.  It worked very well.

Youth Protection.  The normal Buddy System was boosted up to at lest four Scouts.  This is due to crowds and going on rides.  Most rides took 2 or four.    It also forced them to figure out who they wanted to be with.  Not just tent mates or what merit badge they were taking so they would hike to that activity together.  They had to understand that some people did not like being twisted around, upside down and going 80mph.  They would rather ride the Tea Cups or more tame rides.

Youth Protection was also a challenge for the Adults.  There were six of us, but we still had to make sure we had coverage at the Park, the Hotel Pool, in the Hotel and walking to and from Disney.   Our rule was that two adults while at Disney had to be on site at all times.  There were times that because our sons were with the parent, that worked out.  However, there were times that we could not go off with our sons.  This was not a family trip, this was a Scout Trip.

The other challenging point for me, was that normally a Scout Trip is at a Scout camp or hiking in the woods.  We did not really need to be “that” on guard for stranger danger  (though we always are) or generally where they were.  There is a sort of cocoon if you well. (Please do no think that I am lax on Youth Protection or let me guard down.  That is not the case.)  However, we were outside of our normal comfort zone.  No one around us knew the BSA Youth Protection rules or what any BSA Rule was outside the Scout Oath and Law.

What came out of it for me, was to distance myself from my son and force him to be with other Scouts.  I hung out and made myself available to be that Adult to make sure Two-Deep Leadership coming, going and in the parks.  If they were tired, I was there so they could rest.  I also enabled the other Adults to go off and have fun.  It worked out well since I did about 10.8 miles at Disney in flat shoes (Vans) that hurt me for the rest of the trip.

I got to know the other Adults since we just do not get time to talk.  That was a lot of fun.  I also got time do what I wanted to do.  We all learned more about each other and created memories.  Just like Wood Badge in Forming, Norming, Storming and Performing.

Next up….those magical moments….

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