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IMG_2312Hey, you are still here reading this blog?  I have been away due to work and SUMMER.  I wanted to catch-up with a few items related to Scouting.

District:  Our two District’s merged on July 1st.  We are now called SKYLOO instead of Pioneer and Wapiti.  Change happens and there is Forming, Norming, Storming and Performing!  I am still the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner.  I gave up a few other positions.  I am looking forward to this next year.  New Cubscout Program, New District Exec (well, she’s been here since Feburary.) and new people stepping up at District.  It is great to work with awesome people.
I also continue to sit on Eagle Boards of Review as the Board Chairman.  It is a great two hours of listening to the Scouts Journey.

Council:  I got the OK from the Exec Board to be the Assistant Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communications.  It’s a pretty cool honor.  It is very interesting to see all the data/stats Council wide.     I also got voted in as Council Member at Large.  I am not sure what all I get with that.  At lest the Scout Executive likes me.

Troop: Wow…so much to talk about.  So, here goes….
Camporee: Our Troop stepped up and hosted the final Pioneer District Camporee.  We hosted the first one after the split.  We changed it up and made it flow a lot better than the past couple of years. “Finding your Way” was the theme and we made the Scouts use their 10 Essentials and go for a hike to all the events.  Pretty fun.  Plus the layout was a lot better.

Order of the Arrow:  I was elected into the OA this year and helped three of the Scouts on their Ordeal.  It was fantastic.  A whole new door has been opened.

Assistant Scoutmaster: I switched from Committee Member to ASM, because the Troop needed it.  We are top heavy on Committee Members.  I also became the OA ASM for the OA Troop Rep.  Still working on finding a OA Troop Rep.  Since I go on most of the outings with the Troop, it felt natural.  I also finally took the Scoutmaster 1,2,3 course so I can wear the “Trained” Patch.  Being fully Trained is a good thing.  I still have a lot to learn as ASM, but I am willing and I can drive!
Summercamp: Our Troop just got back from Camp Parsons on the Hood Canal in the Chief Seattle Council.  The Camp is actually one hour from my parents house in Port Townsend.  Wow.  What an area.  Camp Parsons is almost 100 years old.  The Troop has been going there since 1986.  The last time was 2012.   Elliot took Swimming and Canoeing Merit Badges.  He has one requirement left for Canoeing.  So much to tell, so that will be another blog post.  Suffice to say, Camp Parsons was a lot of fun.  FYI: The first picture is of myself, the Scoutmaster and our Advancement Chair leaping off the Pier during the Annual Pier Jump! It was a perfect day!

There is so much more about these past few months that I just cannot pack into one posting.
I do have to say that one of the greatest Father-Son moments was when Elliot came up to me and demanded that I jump with him off the Pier.  He knows that I am scared of Heights.  But, I did it with him.  It meant so much.  Memories made!

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