Fundamentals of Training

img_3758I took the Fundamentals of Training in the Calapooia District.  It is about 60 miles from my house and I drove through another District to get there.

Fundamentals of Training is part one of a three part series of helping the Trainer become a better Trainer.  It is part of T Cubed.  The second course is The Trainers EDGE.  I have taken this course several times for since 2010.  I am taking it again on April 1st since it is due to get renewed.  But also because I am staffing W1-492-17-2 Wood Badge course this August.  It is a weeklong course and one of two this year.  This course is ” to introduce teaching techniques and skills to new Scout trainers as well as help those Scouters, regardless of their experience, present effective training.”  While I have taken EDGE and other courses, I had never taken this one before.  It is a good refresher and helped me remember a lot of the basics of training.  I did get a lot out of the course and the length was just perfect.

Trainers EDGE is “trainers develop their training skills, Trainer’s EDGE provides an additional opportunity for trainers to enhance their abilities.”  Trainers EDGE really digs into how a person presents training and offers a lot of feedback.  This is something that I use just about every day at work and in the field.

There is a Master Trainer edition, which I hear is available at Philmont Training Center.  You do not need to attain that to earn the Cascade Pacific Council Trained patch and nameplate.

Our Council has created a program that will allow the Scouter who completes all the requirements to wear a special “Trained” patch and Nameplate.   The fun part is that when I was a part of the COMIT95in15 program, I helped come up with the patch and nameplate sans requirements.

That being the case, it was on my list to complete.  I basically had all the requirements except the Fundamentals of Training.  It took me awhile to take the course due to other commitments.   Looking at the requirements I have taught at Commissioner College 2015, University of Scouting 2010-2016, Wood Badge 2013 and EDGE in 2014.  Plus Cubscout for a Day Oct 2015 for Skyloo District.  I will be on staff for Wood Badge W1-492-17-2, University of Scouting 2017 and Commissioner College 2017.  The only sticky point is that our District Training Chair is new by two months, so he could not have given permission.

Overall, the Fundamentals of Training is a good course to take.  I liked going to a District that I have never been to officially.  I have img_3757driven through there for work and vacation, but not for anything Scout related.  I had seen and meet Scouters from there and it was good to re-connect.  One of the great things that I learned was that there is a Trainers Creed.  That will be something that I will hang onto, use and remember.


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