A Year with Helen

IMG_3707Well, my year with Helen is basically up.   Helen is Helen Howells.  She was a Commissioner within Cascade Pacific Council many many years ago.

This is an Annual Award that is given to the Commissioner for outstanding service within the Council.  Much like the District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver Award, people submit names to the Council Commissioner for selection.  It is up to the Council Commissioner to then figure out who is worth of having Helen in your house for a whole year.

IMG_6108I recieved the Helen Howell’s Award for my work as the Ast Council Commissioner in charge of Commissioner Tools and Communication.  It was my job to help roll-out and train Commissioners on Commissioner Tools.  I also helped in many Social Media outlets and getting the word out as best as possible.

I stepped down to accept the position of District Commissioner of Skyloo, which is it’s own adventure.  To which, it has almost been a year of being in this position.

So, as a part of living with Helen, as she was in my office at home this whole year she watched me do Commissioner things.

I had several key items that I needed to make happen within Skyloo.  Skyloo needs Unit Commissioners.
To that I found and signed up four Unit Commissioners.
I also needed to re-charter the District.  Which, getting everyone updated with YPT and figuring out who is staying and who is going, took a bit of doing.
I even figured out how to get District Members at Large in the system!
I helped with the 2017 Re-Charter process and learned a lot about that.
Helped create a Roundtable Schedule of Speakers (still ongoing.)
Friendstorming process (still happening)
Laid groundwork for the 2018 Re-Charter Process (Underway)
Worked on communication with Units.
Worked on getting Unit Commissioners to actually log Unit Visits.
Staffed and presented at the 2017 Commissioner College
Staffed and got two Unit Commissioner Trained for Basic Commissioner Training.

I also staffed the University of Scouting for 2017. Taught Charter Org Rep Course.
Staffed W1-492-17-1 Wood Badge Weeklong course in August as ASM of Logistics>

I also got asked to be on a few committees within Scouting that is proving to be very insightful.  Along with meeting more Executive Board members that help me gain insight into this Game of Scouting.

Overall, 2017 is wrapping up to be a very good year.  I have learned a lot and actually helped several Units and Scouters understand more about the program.  I have a long long way to go.  I still need to get more Commissioners.  Unit, Roundtable and Ast District Commissioner level.  I still need to have meaningful Commissioner  Meetings with Commissioners.   This next year is going to be challenging due to Family Scouting, but only in getting the word out, getting people trained and working to help those put on a great program as needed.

Though out the year, I would see Helen looking at me.  I asked myself, What Would Helen Do?  Would she approve?  Who is Helen anyway?  Does she like Root Beer?  Do I still deserve this Award?  Am what I am doing actually anything different from other Commissioners? Having Helen reminded me that what I learned in Wood Badge, can be used each day, each position and each situation that crops up.  I do not know if Helen ever went to Wood Badge.

In a recent email conversation with our now Past Council Commissioner, Dolly Olson, I found someone to reccomend for the next Helen Howells.  I hope this person gets it.  It was good to see that my constant message of doing what Commissioners do, actually worked.

I gave Helen back the other night.  She’s now living there looking over a fellow Beaver in the outside office of the Scout Executive.  I know she will enjoy the change of view as my room is messy and a wall full of Scout patches.  She will be there till the next Council Court of Honor.  If only Helen could talk, what would she say.


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