Philmont delayed

I sent this letter to those within the BSA National Commissioner Staff and my course instructors for the week of Philmont Training Center. I also included our new National Commissioner.  It is a letter that deals with the recent news that Philmont has had to make several tough choices.

There were several people who were supposed to travel to Philmont during the sametime as I and we are all disheartened, but understand.  I believe that this was all of our first times to Philmont.

Because of the fact that Cascade Pacific Council through the Executive Board granted Scholarships for this to happen, I felt it only right to return the Scholarship.  It is the right thing to do since it was not my money.  I have already informed those at Council that this will be happening.

Good news is that I already have plans to go next year.  I am hoping to go as part of the District Key 3.

Here is my letter:

All:  I am truly sadden that I will not be able to attend Strengthening District Unit Service course during Commissioner Week at Philmont Training Center.  As we all collectively prayed that nothing would happen to those in and around Philmont along with Philmont itself, it was not to be in 2018.  While the forest fire itself is being fought with all the great efforts of the firefighters, the safety and logistics of those who would be at Philmont was too great.

As I sat watching from Portland Oregon, Cascade Pacific Council whatever Social Media source I could find, I saw how wonderfully the Community of Cimarron, Ute Park and Philmont came together.   Equally the same is the Philmont Staff.  From videos posted from non-scouters and official BSA Social Media, they lived the Scout Oath and Law.  Demonstrated what Be Prepared for Life is all about.  We train for events like this and then to actually use that training.  It made me feel good from so far away.  My brother and sister scouts did what they knew to do. The community of those who were not physically there, also showed great support and Scout Spirit.

Therefore, while I am disheartened that I am not able to finally come to Philmont, I know that I will next year.  I have already made plans.  I am comforted that people are safe.  When I got my official call from Carrier (I think that was her name) to inform me about the cancelation, I told her that I am glad she is safe and that I fully understand.  I told her to keep doing great work.  I wanted to reach out and just let her know that it was OK.

The courses, knowledge, friendship and memories would have been great to experience this summer.  I know those instructors have worked very hard to create a wonderful course.   Thank you for putting in all the time and effort, it is very much appreciated.  A week of Wood Badge is a lot of work.  A week of Commissioner must be even MORE FUN!

Scouting is a journey, and I will see you on the trail sometime soon.  Thank you for all that you have done and do for Scouting, the Youth and those in the community around you.   I am working on going to the Phoenix Impact session in October.

Yours in Scouting:

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