About Scouter Adam

This is a blog about my journey as a Scouter within our Pack.  I started off as a Tiger Den Leader only after realizing that I could do it.  I then became the Cub Master for the 2009-2010 year after the current Cub Master was moving on.  I went to Wood Badge WE1-492-09 between the Tiger Den Leader and Cubmaster year.  What a great thing to go to.  Because of this training, this blog basically came into being.  This blog is to help me record what I am doing and thinking as a Cub Master.  My goal is to create as much for the boys as possible, to keep them interested in Cub Scouts and to help them attain all the awards, badges and ranks that they can.

I have also been a Troop Guide on W1-492-11 and guided the Bobwhite Patrol.  I have recently taken on the District Training Chair and also am helping with Council’s revamp of Pow-wow and turning it into Program & Training Conference.IMG_0526

As of April 6th 2013, I stepped down as Cubmaster.  I stepped down because my son, Elliot earned his Arrow of Light and is now a part of Troop.  I am still the Training Chair of Pioneer District.  I also suspect that I will be on the Troop Committee.

As of Sept 1st 2013 I stepped down at District Training Chair and moved over to the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for Pioneer District.  Elliot at this time has decided to take a break from Scouting.  It is my hope that he gets back on the Journey within Scouting.

IMG_0754Update March 5th 2014: Elliot has rejoined Scouting in a local Troop with all of his buddies a couple of months ago.   He just went on his first outing with the Troop.  I am still the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and have been on a few other committees at Council.

Update: Dec 13th 2014: I have been a Troop Committee Member with T150 for this year and just recently added Unit Commissioner to my District duties.  I was also asked on Dec 12th 2014 to become an Assistant Council Commissioner dealing directly with Commissioner Communications and Tools within the Council.  It is currently administrative based position.

Update: Aug 30th 2015: I have been a Ast Scoutmaster for Troop 150 for a few months and tapped for the Order of theIMG_2312 Arrow.  I am now the OA ASM for the Troop as well. (That is me on the far left) I have also been asked to be the Assistant Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communications.  That also has been for about 5 months. I am still the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner for the Skyloo District.  The Pioneer and Wapiti Districts were merged on July 1st 2015.

ScouterADAM_badge72dpi-01Update November 15, 2015:
I registered the Scouteradam.com domain name and updated this WordPress blog to Premium status.  I started the blog in 2009 and figured it is about time to make it registered.  I have also started a Podcast within the Cascade Pacific Council and joined their Social Media Team.

Update March 24th 2017:  I have stepped down as the Ast Council Commissioner and Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner to take on the role of District Commissioner within the Skyloo District.  On the unit side, Elliot decided months ago to not continue his journey within Scouting.  Hence, my time within T150 has also ended.  I am still a Merit Badge Counselor within the District.

While I am a registered Scouter and follow the Boys Scouts of America’s Guidelines and Bylaws, this Blog is in no way supported or endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America.  This blog is only here to help tell and to act as a journal of my Scouting activities.

Because of Youth Protection rules, you will not see up close or photos that can identify Scouts or other youth. Those photos will be far and away and from behind when possible.  The only photos of a Scout that will be shown are of my children.  If you think you see a photo that violates YPT, please let know me and I will take care of it immediately.

This website is independently operated and is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. The opinions expressed here are those of the author alone and in no way represent the views of the Boy Scouts of America. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA®, the BSA Universal Emblem, the Venturing diamond logo, and all other related marks are trademarks owned exclusively by the Boy Scouts of America. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

(Update 12/14/14: This site not longer uses this graphic.  However, I am leaving the disclaimer in place.)
As of September 27th 2012,  this site is using artwork as a background image that is supplied from the Boy Scouts of America.  I have accepted the terms and agreement by them to allow me to use it.  For more information, please go to the BSA Licensing section that explains it.
  The Boy Scouts of America owns this picture.

The rest of this disclaimer I stole from Arlen Ward.  He is smarter than me.

  • The information on this website represents my interests and opinions, not those of my employer or anyone associated with me.
  • Additionally, this site incorporates comments from others, and these expressed opinions are not necessarily mine.
  • I am not a spokesperson for Boy Scouts of America, or any scouting organization. I am not endorsed by the BSA in any way.
  • Links to sources outside of this website are not under my control, and as a result I am not responsible for the information contained there either. I do not control the internet. Shocking, I know.
  • Given the temporal nature of the weblog part of the site, my thoughts and opinions may change from time to time. It has been suggested that this is a result of having an open mind. The weblog is intended to give a semi-permanent point in time snapshot and manifestation of the random thoughts running around my brain, and as such any thoughts and opinions expressed within out-of-date posts may not be the same, nor even similar, to those I may hold today.
  • These are my opinions only. While most some statements have been carefully researched, that doesn’t mean you will receive a fair and balanced picture of any issue.
  • I’m not engaged in rendering medical, legal, business, or other professional services, at least not here on this website. I make no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy or utility or relevance of any information contained in this website.
  • If you need a life or other expert help, the services of a competent doctor, lawyer, accountant, priest, rabbi, imam, shaman, or whatever should be sought.
  • If you are a lawyer, and even if you are not, no information portrayed on this website can be used in a court of law. See the previous lack of warranty and the lack of “whole truth, nothing but the truth so help me God” stuff.
  • If you have no humor you are not supposed to read this site. If you read it anyway you do so at your own peril, but please do not use the comment function because then we’ll all know you have no sense of humor.
  • Please do use the reply function when this blog makes you extremely mad or happy. Those are the uninhibited comments we love and you’ll regret the next day.
  • The content on this site is the opinion of the author alone, not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back.
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15 Responses to About Scouter Adam

  1. Hey Adam!

    My name is Jake Andersen. I’m a big fan of your blog, and am an Eagle Scout myself. I really respect what you’re doing with your blog!

    This past summer I started a camping hammock company called Hobo Hammocks. We donate a meal to the homeless with every hammock we sell. I’ve sold to a lot of scouts and scoutmasters who really love our hammocks!

    I am writing because I have a video that teaches how to tie a really awesome camping knot. I use it for hanging my hammock, but it has a lot of other uses, too. I thought it might be something your readers would enjoy

    I’d love to get your thoughts on the knot/video. Can I send it your way?



  2. destrecht says:

    Ok. Do you know anyone who is? By the time you might do it yourself, I won’t need it done. Catch-22.


  3. destrecht says:

    Hi, Adam- I’m a former scouter (son aged out) that owns a company that makes a youthgroup game called a flyoff. It’s like a Pinewood Derby, only in the sky. If I send you one and you like it, could you write about it?

    They are run with these planes called catapult cruzers, and I can get you more info if you need.

    Chris Allen


  4. Erik Person says:

    I hope you are doing well and Pack 221 had a great time at Adventure cove this summer. I wanted to get in touch to see if you could help me with some adult leader patches? I forget what they call it but the patch is a circle made up of three pie piece patches from Cub world, Gilbert ranch and then Adventure Cove. I earned all three but the two I got from Cub world and Gilbert ranch have gone missing. I am wondering if you know the name of the complete badge or if you know how I could get the two missing patches? You can contact me at my email address. Thanks for any help.

    Erik Person


    • scouteradam says:

      Erik: I cannot remember what those patches are called. I know they are Adult Leader ones. You have to earn them at each Summer Camp by doing what is on the list. So, you might try calling Council and asking for the Summer Camp Director Jennifer Mooney. She might be able to help you out.


  5. Susan Robins says:

    HI Scouter Adam…..I see your countdown—why are you retiring as Cubmaster and what is your plan to continue with Scouting (what capacity)—and what then of your blog?


    • scouteradam says:

      Thanks for the note. I’m still going to keep the blog. Currently I’m the District Training Chair. I suspect I will get on the Troop Committee as well.

      This is just an end of one chapter and the start of another. I might even become a Unit Commissioner.


  6. jill says:

    what is the big round patches on the childs shirt?


    • scouteradam says:

      This is a segment program that our Council has. They are in the temporary position. The little ones circle our District patch. That too is a Council program.


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  8. Dave Sauter says:

    Adam could you please send me your contact info again my iPad did not save it as i thought it had yesterday at council office.

    Great to see you and great blogspot!


  9. scouteradam says:

    Andrew: Hello from the other side of the pond! Thanks for the great words. I do appreciate it! My hope is to someday make it over there (again) and go see many of the areas where BP started this great brotherhood.

    Take care:

    Yours in Scouting!


  10. Andy Morgan says:

    Hi I’m a cub leader of 11th Letchworth (Letchworth & Baldock District Scouts) in the UK. Great web and blog, reading what you have to say does strike a cord with being a Cub Leader in the UK. BP was not wrong when he said Scouting had become a worldwide family!! Keep up your good work
    Yours in Scouting
    Andrew Morgan (Akela)


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